Judge Kacarska: I really wanted to send “terrorist” Durlovski to jail, but…


Judge Dobrila Kacarska, who is at the forefront of Zaev’s political persecution of the opposition VMRO-DPMNE party, expressed her deep remorse that she had to free opera singer Igor Durlovski from the “terrorism” charges over the April 2017 incident in the Parliament.

Kacarska handed draconian sentences of 211 years in prison to former Interior Minister Mitko Cavkov and 15 other police officials, political prisoners and protest participants – the longest collective sentence in the history of independent Macedonia. Durlovski rejected an offer of amnesty and insisted that he is tried to the maximum extent of the law, and still Kacarska didn’t dare sentence him like she did the others.

We had all the evidence and they did not show that he perpetrated the crime he was charged of. We have evidence that he entered the Parliament building, sang the national anthem, he greeted some of the other protesters but there is no room to assume that he is connected with the other defendants, Kacarska said explaining that she really wanted to sentence Durlovski to prison with the rest.

Several other protest organizers and three MPs accepted the amnesty which Zaev offered in exchange for vote in renaming the country.