Junta much? Macedonia’s Minister of Justice Bojan Maricic never took the Bar exam


Macedonia has one ‘natural’ law that is followed like no other law in the land. If your father is a judge, you too will be a judge/prosecutor. It doesn’t matter how little you care for such a profession, even if it means that you son or daughter never have to attend university… they will get their diploma.

Although there are 1000s of such cases in Macedonia, the most recent that illustrates this natural law is Katica Janeva. Remember her? Her father was a judge in Gevgelija, so by default she was a prosecutor.

Such is the case with the new Minister of Justice, Bojan Maricic. It was revealed that he never took the State Bar Exam after completing his studies. How he ‘completed’ his studies, lets just say that his father spent decades being a public prosecutor. Maricic doesn’t have a single hour of experience practicing law, but has logged more than 10,000 hours in Soros financed NGOs. In other words, the new Minister of Justice, like any other Minister in the Government junta, is absolutely clueless, doesn’t know or understand the laws.

Mark our words, after this article, the junta will miraculously issue Maricic a document that he has passed the State Bar exam.

Here is a flashback of Maricic’s verbal diarrhea, trying to explain the Referendum turnout on Al Jazeera. At the time he was IQ33’s advisor.