Kamcev loves Zaev, Prespa….


In an effort to avoid becoming yet another individual being sent to jail simply for standing in Zaev’s way, businessman Kamcev has expressed his love for the SDS leader bestowing attributes such as “smart, fearless, brave…”.

Earlier in the day the Skopje based businessman was detained after US Embassy run SPO launched an investigation into alleged business dealings tied to Kamchev dating back to 2003!? As is the norm, the SPO showed zero evidence, however it claimed it had a hunch and suspicious something illegal may have happened anywhere from 2003-2010. And while Baily’s SPO is “investigating”, it wants the accused to spend their time in jail.

After spending over 5 hours in front of a judge, Kamchev was allowed to leave the Court, however the SPO did request 30 day detainment for the Skopje businessman who employs over 3,000 people across the country. Kamchev has certainly angered Baily a month before the US Ambassador is set to leave the country.

For SDS run media, Kamchev delivered one superlative after another for Zaev, adding that he is also strongly supporting the Prespa Agreement.
At this time we’re just not sure if Kamchev is being sarcastic as we keep hearing one crazy thing after another, both from politicians and businessmen.

Quite interesting that Mijalkov has been named a “suspect” in 5 different cases, and he’s somehow found “not guilty” each and every time…

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Meanwhile, Macedonia’s leading prosecutor whose legitimacy ended in 2017 insists that Kamchev must be detained for 30 days.