Kammenos: What shameful Europe is this where 2m euros cash / jail sentences are given per MP vote?


The news that Macedonian MPs are given jail sentences and millions in cash based on how they vote traveled quickly around the world, with the first stop in Greece.

Greece’s Defense Minister and Government coalition partner showed his dismay on social media this evening.

  • Car Samoil Ohrid 🇲🇰

    Good on you Kamenos, this is not Europe it’s fascism in the 21st century, if that’s what Europe is about to be dictated by Nazis , why even bother trying to go to Europe, we’re fine as we’re, we don’t need that shit just leave us alone, I just want to know what’s Ivanov waiting for, can someone tell me please????

  • Saso Blazevski

    That’s the western democrats, paying hush money to wipe out the Macedonia.