Karolina Ristova Asterud from SDS minion to “Someone intervene in Macedonia to remove Zaev’s junta”


Things have changed for University law professor Karolina Ristova Asterud.
The professor, who was the president of SDS Women’s Forum, a SDS activist and member, as well as a fierce critic of the previous government, writes that Parliament Speaker Taljat Xhaferi violates the Constitution by publishing a law without the prior signature of the head of state. She wants heads to roll, blames her party for the chaos in the country.

What a difference a year makes.

  • Lena

    Looks like she wants her cut of the macedonian pie. Don’t worry love zaev is depositing the money in your account to get your obedience back in line.

  • Billy

    The best thing, the money for bribery comes from the Budget… every week the country is indebted by 30-40m euros, nothing is built, fixed… but the money are gone.

    • neutrinoz

      True. Another example of one of the City’s perpetum mobiles. Beside hot printing presses soon to be transformed into 1’s and 0’s digital money.