Katica 6.24: I am irreplaceable


Very special Prosecutor Katica Janeva said that she considers herself irreplaceable, and wants to remain as head of the SPO unit, adding that she “deserved it” by hunting down only DPNE MPs, even if she had to make up criminal acts against them.

They can’t replace me. Personnel decisions are not included in the law. Everybody knows what one law includes, and if we want to be literate here in Macedonia we have to understand that this is not part of the law, Janeva brushed off journalists who asked her whether she expects to be replaced as part of the negotiations over the SPO unit.

As Special Prosecutor she initiated the politically driven persecution of the VMRO-DPMNE party and helped SDSM take over the Government.

Now that the SPO mandate expired, the Government wants support from the opposition it persecuted over the past several years to extend the mandate. Blackmailed DPNE insists that Janeva is replaced and that the potential for political abuse of the prosecutors is removed. In other words, the controlled opposition will keep signing off on an illegal and anti-constitutional prosecution office.