Kavadarci’s DPNE mayor sold lucrative land to the Zaev clan


The DPNE Mayor of Kavadarci Mitko Jancev declared his intent to take over the embattled party, doing his utmost to cause disturbances in the conservative party as difficult coalition talks are expected to begin. Jancev has declared his ambitions before, and is widely seen as part of a group of former party officials that includes former minister Nikola Todorov, the Gang of eight bribed members of Parliament and, of course, former security chief Saso Mijalkov.

And while members of this group are said to be involved in various business deals with the Zaev family, in the case of Jancev this is well documented. The city of Kavadarci i.e. Jancev has sold three plots of land to a company owned by Vice Zaev, allowing him to develop the site for residential construction.

The plots span 1,784 square meters and was sold to the Total Engineering company owned by Vice Zaev for a little over 44,000 EUR. Given that apartment prices in Kavadarci range between 600 and 750 EUR per square meter, it’s likely that the Zaev family will recoup the money it spent on purchasing the land with the sale of just one apartment.

More importantly, the Zaev owned company was the only one competing for the land. Although it is a desirable location, and many local developers were interested in it, Lider.mk reports that they were told not to bid and the land was eventually sold for the minimum asking price, in the process damaging the Kavadarci local budget by a significant amount.