Kickboxer gets up thinking he won after KO


Spanish kickboxer José Maria Quevedo appeared to be left so dazed and confused by a KO in a recent bout that he got up believing he had won the fight.

Quevedo was sent sprawling to the canvas by a vicious right hand from Frenchman Hakim Ketaieb in the second round of their bout in Saint-Raphael.

The Spaniard lay flat out on the canvas for several seconds before recovering his senses. But, clearly disorientated, he then slipped under the ropes and headed off away from the ring with his arms raised, appearing to believe he had won the fight.

He was quickly guided back to the ring by a trainer, although once stepping back through the ropes he continued to parade around as if in the belief he had won the fight.

One commentator is said to have exclaimed “where is he going?” before another added that Quevedo had “disconnected [with reality].”