Kidnapped underage teen found dead, killer with close ties with SDSM safely left country


In what can only be described as “insanity”, the kidnapped girl from four days ago was found dead. The Ministry of Interior was aware of this information from the first day, however, decided to let the entire country search for the kidnapper(s) due to the OSCE Conference to make sure there are no disturbances.

Ljupco Palevski – Palco is the person who fired the bullet at the minor Vanja Gjorchevska – confirmed the Minister of Internal Affairs, Oliver Spasovski.

Spasovski called the person who, as he said, is out of the country, a monster, and the public already knows that it is Palčo. How is Palevski out of the country when police were immediately aware what had happened!? Palevski is well known for his close connections to SDSM’s leadership.

The head of the Skopje Public Prosecutor’s Office, Gavril Bubevski, stated at a press conference that this crime is punished as severely as possible according to the laws of the country.

Palcho fired the bullet into Vanya’s body

An international warrant will also be issued for the person who is not in the country.

He says he still doesn’t understand why she was killed just two hours after the abduction when it was a case of kidnapping due to extortion of money. According to the arrested persons, it is allegedly a case of panic after Vanja’s disappearance began to spread in the media and social networks. The father denies any connection, but evidence is still being collected and discussions are still ongoing.

Our conclusion is the following: The official MoI story doesn’t add up, in fact it’s quite nonsensical. Vanja was kidnapped to extort money from her mother, and then murdered 1 hour after the kidnapping? At the same time the same culprits murder a pensioner in Veles, supposedly over 500 euros, and then they go to Skopje to kidnap the underage teen with the car of the murdered man in Veles…. nothing here adds up.

Public Prosecutor Bubevski here is lying about “panic”, the girl was killed immediately after she was kidnapped. Who is the prosecutor kidding?