Kiev mayor says city is encircled, as US-UK Media go in overdrive with propaganda


Ukraine’s capital has been “blocked” by the Russian military, Kiev’s mayor, former world heavyweight champion boxer Vitali Klitschko told the Associated Press in an interview on Sunday when asked whether the evacuation of civilians from the city was possible.

“We can’t do that, because all ways are blocked,” he stated, according to AP. “Right now we are encircled.”

The AP noted it was unable to independently verify the claim made by the official. Shortly after the interview was published, however, the mayor took to social media to refute the bold claim, bizarrely blaming his own statement to the leading New York-headquartered news agency on “Russian media.”

In the evening, Russian internet outlets spread information citing myself that Kyiv has been allegedly surrounded and evacuation of people was impossible,” Klitschko wrote.

“Don’t believe lies! Trust information only from official sources,” he added.

Meanwhile, the CIA and MI6 run media has taken their psy-op littly too far. From showing videos and images from other conflicts, to showing people with fake guns, even footages of movies as facts… Zelensky has stated Ukraine will not give up an inch as Russia controls 30% of the territory!