Kosovo Albanians who vandalized Churches, all dying from Cancer


Alem Kurti’s family is in panic. All of his relatives are seriously ill and fear that it is all because of what their son did. 14 years ago, Alem with other Albanians climbed Serbian churches in Kosovo and broke off their Crosses, then proceeded to vandalize them inside, including setting some of them on fire. Alem Kurti’s family believes this sin is now a punishment from God for his deeds.

Alem Kurti is now dead. He died in agony, suffering multiple cancers that first struck his liver, then his lungs. Now, his sister and parents go through the same agony – reports Prishtina media.

After Alem Kurti’s agony, radical Albanian muslims are afraid to even walk by Serbian Churches, let alone vandalize them. Serbian priest Vela Stojkovic says, all of the known Albanians who vandalized Churches are now dead. All died from various diseases in terrible pain, adding, our Churches are now at peace.

For 500 years, the Ottomans never desecrated an Orthodox Church across the Balkans, but not the Albanians who displayed savagery that can be only compared with ISIS. But it seems, the Universe has an interesting way of collecting its debt.