Kosovo has 1.7m citizens and 1.9m voters


NATO’s narco province has some issues it would appear.

With early general elections coming up, Kosovo’s Central Electoral Commission informed that a total of 1,9 million citizens will have the right to vote, even though the census says only 1,7 million people actually live in Kosovo.

Opposition Self-determination party representative Mitaher Haskuka said that, if the number of under 18 year olds is considered, Kosovo should have only about 1,2 million voters, not 1,9 million.

The Electoral Commission insists that the voter registry is valid and up to date, and that the discrepancy is due to the high percentage of Kosovars living abroad. They have the right to vote and remain citizens, but are not covered by the census which counts residents.

  • jj

    And I guess all the babies, toddlers and children can vote too, because if you took only those 18 and over (or whatever the legal voting age minimum is) the voting population would be lower.

  • V.M.

    About 80,000 of these vote in Macedonia. In Western Macedonia, we don’t check for IDs, you just go and vote.