Kosovo player quits Macedonian football club… there is a cross on logo


17 days after Florent Osmani signed with FC Skopje and was brought into the club as their biggest signing in the off season, the Kosovo born player has left the club.

The reason, quite bizarre. Osmani was very disturbed that the club logo had a cross on it. In an interview with “InfoSport”, Osmani stated the reason he quit his new club is a religious one.

The Kosovo player admitted to covering the cross on his jersey during training.

However, when FC Skopje’s management took notice, he was told he is not allowed to cover any part of the logo. As a result, Osmani decided to quit the club, explaining to InfoSport that his muslim faith is very important to him.

Osmani had moved to FC Skopje from Kosovo based club Lirija.

FC Skopje made a comeback to the 1st league in Macedonia this year, after a nearly decade long absence.
  • jj

    Why does Macedonia persistently support the Muslim Albanians of Kosovo over the Serbs?

    • V.M.

      You mean why are some clubs bringing in players from Kosovo?
      My first guess would be they are dirt cheap…