Kosovo terrorist pens letter from prison asking people to vote for Zaev


Muhamet Krasniqi, known as commander Malisheva, inprisoned after the anti-terrorist action in Kumanovo on May 9 and 10, 2015, wrote and sent a letter from his prison cell which was later published in the newspaper “Bota Sot.

The Kosovo terrorist calls on all Albanians for a general mobilization for “national unity”. The letter dubbed “Blood call for comprehensive mobilization for national unification”, Krasniqi calls for “a task that is our obligation to the motherland, and above all, to not disappoint the fatherland through cooperation with the enemies and their secret services.”

This time, Muhamet Krasniqi on his FB profile gave open support to the SDS for local elections calling on Aricinovo residents to vote for SDS candidate Milikije Halimi.

This text on his FB profile was shared by the president of the municipal organization of the SDS in Aracinovo, which says that “the commander” called for support for SDS, while forgetting that he actually promotes a terrorist who killed Macedonian policemen.

In his letter, which he is believed to have received during the visit of Zoran Zaev to Idrizovo, the terrorist stood behind the SDS, calling on the Albanians from Aracinovo to vote for Milikije Halimi. This confirms once again the thesis that Zoran Zaev and SDS, through Muhammad Zekiri, were in close communication with the terrorists before the terrorist attack in the Kumanovo settlement of Diva Naselba.

In addition, the ties between SDS and the terrorists were confirmed by Suleyman Osmani’s Court testimony in which he openly stated the Kosovo terrorist group was in direct communication with members of the current government of Zoran Zaev.

He mentioned only one name, carrying the code name of “Messiah”, Sadula Duraku, the mayor of Lipkovo.
“We started to suspect that something was wrong and I asked to go to Lipkovo and not to Kumanovo, because Duraku was one of the “Messiah” (direct contact) together with others, Osmani said in Court.