Kotzias lands in Skopje, welcomed with Kutlesh sun


Today marked the first time in 12 years a Greek government delegation has landed in Macedonia.  Despite moves by the treasonous Macedonian Government to remove everything and anything that carried the word Macedonia, the Greek Government was welcomed at the Airport with the 16 ray Macedonian flag from Kutlesh thanks to Airport employees who put up the flag in their office.

Kotzias will stay in Macedonia for two days, and will meet with the usual bought clients: Zoran Zaev (SDS), Hristijan Mickoski (DPNE) and UCK’s Talat Xhaferi.

Kotzias has no plans on meeting with Ivanov who has made his stance on the name issue known  – namely, Macedonia already has a name, and it’s Macedonia.

Meanwhile, MINA finds the globalist cabal is not idle and is already making plans to forcefully enter Macedonia in NATO even if a new name is not found in the coming two months. The Christian orthodox axis of Athens – Skopje – Belgrade has been a major thorn to the US led globalists who are determined for Skopje “to fall”. Both Moscow and Beijing have Athens – Skopje – Belgrade in their commerce plan as their entry point to the European market. For this purpose China purchased the port in Solun. Clearly, this has roughed some feathers in Washington who aims to stop this project by cutting off Skopje and Macedonia as the weakest link in the chain. In this context, Zaev and his bosses have put up Macedonia’s 2,300 year old name and the country itself for sale.

According to our sources in the SDS, Athens may be forced by Washington to allow Macedonia to enter NATO under the UN acronym with a footnote that it will change the name once both sides agree!? Trump has zero involvement in any of this. The entire plan is hashed out by Obama officials in the State Department.

  • Its Just Me

    YESSSSSSSS :)))))

  • Its Just Me

    Ivanov should just ask Putin for help to end this nonsense in Macedonia..
    Russia always has our back, thank God for it..
    Lets invite Putin over..

  • Its Just Me

    The whole EU has a problem with Greece, Germany does not want to pay for it, everybody knows who our neighbor is thanks to their bankruptcy. The EU does not care for us renaming, it is just an easy way out, since nobody wants to fight with Greece and they all laugh out Greece..
    Since everybody knows Greece by now, nobody would negotiate (if they were in our shoes).
    Just leave the negotiations..

  • Goran Stavreski

    Everything will be changed back, the way it was.