Kovachevski: It’s pretty normal to hire incompetent relatives in high ranks in Government


We often describe Macedonia as a country run by delinquent monkeys. We’d like to take this opportunity to apologize to any and all monkeys as their intellect far supersedes the intellect of Macedonian politicians, particularly the likes of Kovachevski, Zaev, Bochvarski, Ahmeti, Grubi and the likes.

Earlier today, Macedonia’s unelected prime minister Dimitar Tache – Kovachevski claimed the country is (still) in transition, so it’s pretty normal to be corrupt and fill high ranking roles with incompetent relatives and family members. As an example, Kovachevski stated there is nothing wrong to have Bochvarski’s cousin, Ahmeti’s nephew, Bujar Osmani’s wife, Stevo Pendarovski’s relative be employed at M-NAV, take a salary and not show up to work because they’re not qualified air traffic controllers.

And this is Macedonia in a nutshell.