Krsto Mukoski: From singing the National Anthem, to Treason + $2m


MP Krsto Mukoski went from singing the national anthem in Parliament, to selling out the country by supporting Zaev which translated into buying his freedom + cash.

This reminds us of a conversation we had with MINA’s founder years ago, perhaps over 7-8 years, well before any of the craziness that unfolded this week.

We aren’t sure how the conversation started, all we know was that his family did have ties to VMRO, but not with the prostitutes in VMRO today, his went back to the fifties and sixties… when VMRO officials were functioning in absentia and were being hunted down for their plans for independent Macedonia. What a difference eh? From plans for independent Macedonia to selling Macedonia.

In early 2000s I became a VMRO member, you can say an official, and was promoted within the party quickly, in less than a week. I quit the party on my 8th day after having a conversation with VMRO’s leadership“.

When we asked him “Why” – the response was: “The people I met are of very low quality, flawed individuals. Nothing Macedonian in them.

They certainly have a way of proving him right, over and over and over again.

Here is Mukoski putting up a show, but this is before he saw the cash…

It’s difficult to pick which traitor outdid another, but VMRO MP Emilija Aleksandrova (Mijalkov’s cousin) is certainly up for an award. Just last week, she wrote a column, yes, she wrote a column where she lambasted all MPs that nobody has the right or the mandate to be changing the name. Aleksandrova in action…

2m euros later, she voted for it.