Labour Minister: Migrant Camps? Don’t take seriously the things I say today, or tomorrow


After sending official documents to a dozen Macedonian cities outlining the blueprints for residential complexes for migrants and their locations, as well as the quota each town will receive, today, the former Soros NGO head turned on her “SDS-mode”!

Refugees will not settle in Macedonia and apartments will not be build for this purpose, said Minister of Labor and Social Policy Mila Carovska in Bitola on Monday.

The not so tricky word game by Carovska is just that, a word game. She doesn’t say that the buildings will not be built, instead that they will not be built “for this purpose”!

Carovska attended a session of the Bitola city council, where the DPMNE-led majority has launched a procedure for organization of a referendum over the settlement and integration of migrants in the municipality.

“We urge for responsible behavior from the council members. VMRO-DPMNE should say where has the Government made a commitment or drafted documents for construction of apartments for this purpose. A referendum is a democratic right, but the issue raised here is a false one”, stressed Carovska, continuing her lies.

Keep in mind, Mila Carovska was the head of a Soros funded NGO calling itself “HERA” whose sole existence concentrated around bringing migrants to Macedonia! Carovska received 1500 euros/month in salary for 6 years at HERA and was prominent in her verbal abuse of Macedonian border guards to open the border and let migrants in! Proven as a Soros nutcase and backed by PM Baily, she received the post of Labour Minister to implement the plan even today, when the war in Syria is essentially over.

Carovska is just another SDS puppet who cannot be trusted even when their mouth is closed. Case in point, as Carovska lied the buildings were not for refugees (but for dancing migrants?) seven SDS Bitola city council members voted against their counterparts in DPMNE and were “pro” bringing migrants and “against” referendum!
Every SDS official seems to get the Zajko Zaev disease, namely they lie so much – always end up contradicting themselves in the same sentence and within a 7 second span.

  • V.M.

    Where is the Ebola virus when you need it… releasing it into SDS offices will do so many good things for the country.

  • bugmemore

    They need migrants to carry out their plan, illustrated for you in a mural under the Eiffel Tower –

  • Its Just Me

    Yes, that “disease” from promising too much to too many parties, that you forget who you lied to first, who you lied to next.. A lie next to a lie.
    When you lie that you lie, you believe it must be the truth now what comes out of you mouth. and feel brave about it :))

    i koga lazes deka lazes, si siguren deka e vistina.. i hrabar si :))