Latest on Ukraine – Russian special Ops take Chernobyl Plant


Russia has destroyed Ukraine’s air force and air defenses.
Ukraine’s airports have cars and tractors parked on the runways to prevent Russian transport planes from landing. So Russian VDV (airborn) troops will soon parachute in and remove blocking vehicles.

MINAReport can confirm that VDV Troops have landed in multiple cities.

Russian missiles have landed on specific military targets across Ukraine, destroying thousands of tons of NATO equipment (rockets, helicopters, tanks, APCs) that were flown in over the past year.

It was reported yesterday that Ukraine’s president Zelensky has a secret account in a German bank in Latin America totaling $1.2 billion. He was reportedly getting between $12 and $35 million monthly from billionaire oligarchs Akmetov, Pinchuk and Kolomoisky.

Ukraine, particularly their “Azov” regimen has lost more than 350 soldiers. Many Ukrainian soldiers have switched sides, while others have simply waved white flags and have surrendered at Border checkpoints.

LPR units have begun liberating the city of Shchastia.

Ukraine’s navy has been completely decimated within two hours.

Reports of DPR units moving to Mariupol, currently held by Ukraine’s army, however falls within DPR’s official borders.

Ukraine has been dependent on Bayraktar (Turkish drones successfully used against Armenia), however most drones have been downed.

Moscow is willing to negotiate terms of surrender with Kiev regarding the ongoing Russian military offensive currently taking place in Ukraine, Kremlin Press Secretary Dmitry Peskov said on Thursday.

According to Peskov, Russian President Vladimir Putin has expressed his preparedness to engage in discussions with his Ukrainian counterpart, with a focus on obtaining a guarantee of neutral status and the promise of no weapons on its territory.

MINAReport can now confirm that Russian Special Ops teams have taken control of the Chernobyl Nuclear Reactor, 129km north of Kiev. Russia lost two helicopters in the fierce battles. Russia likely captured Chernobyl for one purpose – the site cannot be shelled due to the fact it could contaminate all of Europe with radioactive cloud, offering good cover for Russian Special Ops.

Desperate measures by Ukrainian Army: they are setting up artillery pieces in crowded neighborhoods and using civilians as “shields”, in the village of Senkovo, the Ukrainians have blown up two bridges (in other cities as well) in order to slowdown the Russian advancements.