Lavrov: US Obsessed with ruling the Balkans


Sergey Lavrov has said the US and several Western countries are obsessed with the idea of ruling the Balkan region once again.

“The EU has some plans in this regard. Negotiation processes are under way, including Serbia as well as Kosovo, Macedonia and Montenegro,” stated the Russian Foreign Minister.

He said Russia had nothing against these countries becoming part of the European economic integration.

“It is only natural, because geography envisages common mechanisms, a common space and a common market. But we hope that sometime in the future, this economic space will engulf the remaining part of Eurasia as well,” FM Lavrov noted.

  • jj

    Well if Russia is interested in the Balkans, it should invest more energy and time there. If not, the Balkans will be shaped to be an enemy of Russia, since that is the west’s/U.S.’s goal in these times. They are making it into an EU which is anti-Russian and they allow no neutrality, just like in Ukraine they are helping the coup government attack those in the east who don’t hate Russia.