Law professor: 4 legal reason Macedonia’s quisling Government won’t succeed


Zaev and Dimitrov’s quisling scheme to put citizens in front of a “perfect act” – will encounter four irreconcilable LEGAL FRAMEWORKs that will prevent the capitulation “Agreement” ever come into force:
1. The President of the Republic (who will not sign);
2. The Constitutional Court of the Republic of Macedonia (which will annul it);
3. The popular referendum (which will not succeed);
4. The Greek Parliament (which will not ratify it).
Furthermore, in the next elections, the SDS will be wiped out like PASOK in Greece, and for our quisling duo the only thing left for them will be the criminal responsibility for hostile and treasonous activity against the state, which lapses after 20 years – says University Law professor Dimitar Apasiev.

  • Stavre

    the problem is that legal/constitutional structures don’t function in Macedonia, so in all likelihood the current government will just ‘push’ the agreement through notwithstanding all the legal/constitutional hurdles. this has already happened on multiple occasions, e.g., when SDS/DUI deputies voted themselves into government without following parliamentary procedure, when Albanian become an official language in Macedonia, etc.

    btw, the president and opposition are all complicit in these illegal/unconstitutional activities. zaev should never have been given a mandate to form government, and vmro should have never returned to parliament.

    all indicia of a banana republic. it’s futile to rely on laws and legal institutions in macedonia when nothing functions.

  • R_U_Jhoking

    This guy is wrong. They will put it in place illegally just as they put themselves in power illegally. Laws do not matter for them. And there will never be new elections because there will not be a country.

  • I’m back

    You said there was 4 things, you forgot 1 and that is fyrom will become the garbage centre between NATO/EU and Russia.
    You will never become a part of western civilization while you continue to be apart of identity theft… Cyril and methodios are hanging their heads in shame.