Lawless in Macedonia: Drug Traffickers under Govt Protection executed in broad daylight


The two underworld figures who were killed yesterday evening in a shisha bar in Skopje were identified by media outlets as Jeton Krivanjeva – Zhila and Enes Iseinov/Iseni – Laci. Six others were wounded in the brazen mafia style attack, but survived.

The four attackers reportedly entered the bar wearing authentic police uniforms, carrying automatic weapons. They made the patrons believe that they are carrying out a police raid, but then opened fire at their targets, shooting them in the heads – execution style.

After the attack, the perpetrators got away in an Audi A6. The vehicle was found burnt in the Shuto Orizari area, close to the ring-road, indicating that the killers had a reserve vehicle and fled toward Kosovo, where else!

Krivanjeva already survived an attack on his life – in 2019 a group opened fire on him in the Alexander Palace hotel.

Krivanjeva was believed to be very close with DUI’s leadership, he financed Pendarovski’s run for President and was essentially untouchable.

Belanoca & Grchec Cartels

These two narco cartels have waged war with each-other for nearly two decades. It took a bad turn in 2005 when Nexhmedin Ajeti was killed while sitting in his coffee shop. In 2018 Naim Ajeti was killed as he was driving in his car. In 2019, the response came when Jeton Krivanjeva and Kamer Idrizi were having a cup of coffee in Alexander Palace when five people wearing masks opened fire. A policeman in civlian clothing sitting next to Krivanjeva returned fire and was responsible for the attackers fleeing. In 2021, 43 year old Kamer Idrizi who survived the attack in Alexander Palace was liquidated in the Skopje suburb of Butel with his 24 year old nephew Ergin Iseni. Krivanjeva and Enes Iseni were killed yesterday.

Macedonia’s clueless Minister of Interior, Oliver Spasovski has not released a statement, they are still working on it. In Macedonia, no murder has been solved in 6 years.

Though an official statement is likely not coming, our guess is, it will have to do something with NATO, hybrid war and Russia or Iran.