Rakovic: Zaev was brought to power by the CIA for his low IQ and subhuman chracteristics


Dr. Aleksandar Rakovic conducted an interview with Miroslav Lazanski, a well known Serbian journalist with ties to the intel agencies across the Balkans.
Here is what Rakovic had to say about Macedonia and the junta that’s running the country:

“Zaev is not a serious individual, in fact, it’s just the opposite. He is a person who has subhuman qualities who is told what to say at all times. Think of him as a parrot, he only repeats what he has been told to say. He is of obvious low and extremely limited intellectual capacity. And this is precisely the point. When the Americans bring someone in power, they usually observe and ensure the IQ of the individual is below mediocre, someone who doesn’t have the ability to think and who will fulfill all orders without questioning anything. In Podgorica during a meeting, Zaev announced that he is ready to “sacrifice himself”! Allegedly there is an assassination prepared for Zaev similarly to the nonexistent assassination attempt of Djukanovic, and this CIA puppet was ready to sacrifice himself so Macedonia can be inserted in NATO. But, I am not an optimist, I believe that the Americans are using all of their mechanisms to put pressure on Greece and to somehow put Macedonia into NATO under their UN acronym. And this acronym may stay for the country for the next 20-30-50 years – says Rakovic.

Dr Rakovic also added that he believes the Kosovo terrorists will be granted amnesty by the DUI-SDS led Government.

  • Wolf

    He is an Albanian puppet. Expendable and all Albanians in Macedonia are just being used by the US. The EU will reject Macedonia to become an EU member. Its becoming obvious that the reason why Brexit is happening is because the US can no longer control England. England foresaw if they remained in the EU, they would have to take on more asylum seakers from the middle East.