Leaked audio shows fractures among the SDSM


More audio tapes from the online SDSM party congress were leaked today. In one of them, a delegate from Kumanovo, Boris Stankovski, protests the removal of Kumanovo Mayor Maksim Dimitrievski from the party’s Central Committee. Dimitrievski loudly criticized the handling of the coronavirus crisis in his city, and also the constant concessions on national identity issues by Zoran Zaev, and paid for it with the place in the Committee, which should have easily been his as a mayor of a major city.

Two or three weeks ago we had an online conference of the Kumanovo branch where it was decided that Maksim Dimitrievskiis not made member of the Central Committee. During the conference, some members were not allowed to respond or were cut short while talking. At one point the central leadership forgot to turn off their microphones. We could hear them laugh ironically and make deals between themselves, Stankovski said.

Mayor Dimitrievski eventually said that he will continue to support the party, although it’s unclear whether he will be allowed to run for another term in October.

In another leak, a delegate from Skopje’s Centar district protested the removal of Stojko Paunovski as head of the product safety inspection. Paunovski was dismissed after he refused to hire unqualified ethnic Albanian employees. The move caused an outpouring of support for him, both within the party and from outside.

*Leaked audio posted on FB here was removed half an hour later.

You dismissed him because he was working in accordance with the law. It was a catastrophic error. I ask you that this error is rectified and that we give an explanation to the people, said delegate Vladimir Mitrevski.

Snippets of conversations from the online congress are being leaked today through a purposely created Youtube account which calls for “reforms in SDSM”. In the first leak, now former deputy leader of the party Radmila Sekerinska is heard giving unspecific but dire warnings to her party comrades.