Leaked audio shows Zaev got 300,000 euros in failed referendum


A new audio leak raised major suspicions that the crime involving senior SDSM officials, specifically Zoran Zaev and Secretary General of the Government Dragi Raskoski went beyond Macedonia’s borders. The audio leak involves a conversation between Serbian tycoon Miodrag Davidovic Daka and Zoran Mileski Kiceec who on numerous occasions stated he was sent by and works for Zoran Zaev.

The conversation published on YouTube  begins with Zoran Mileski telling tycoon Davidovic Daka to go to Zaev, adding he has organized everything. Later it was learned that Daka and Zaev had met directly, with the Serb tycoon paying Zaev 300,000 EUR.

Zoran Mileski: I was with him (Zoran Zaev), he said you know about Daka, he comes here all the time, I have organized everything… With Raskoski, do you keep him under control? And I said YES! And he told me “you’re doing this well, I’m doing this for you”.

Then Mileski reminds Daka that he made a promise to the Secretary General of the Government and a close associate of Zaev, Raskoski, that he was there if needed to get some job done in relation to the referendum and change of the country’s name.

It becomes clear, Davidovic Daka is dissatisfied because he feels played by Zoran Zaev and Raskoski because he did not get what he wanted despite paying 300,000 EUR in cash.

Businessman Davidovic Daka says: I know those tricks of yours, I gave you 300 thousand euros and 2000 square meters, the job is not done, what else do you want. I paid you (referring to Kiceec) and I have nothing to do with you. To which Mileski replies that he was dealing with Raskoski now.

Zoran Kiceec pleads with Daka to take him to Zaev and Raskoski, to which he refuses because he feels played because they have not fulfilled their obligations to him even though he paid 300 thousand euros in cash.

Miroslav Davidovic Daka: “I gave you a lot of money, what do you want more, you’re just fooling around, you’re making me a fool.”

Miroslav Daka tells Kiceec “Zaev said that he is doing this for you”, which practically confirms that Zaev is deeply involved in this criminal network, writes Infomax.

Then Kiceec replies in conformation and adds that because of him Zaev received Daka.

The conversation reveals that Zaev used the money received from Miroslav Daka to engineer the referendum.

I do not want to go to Zaev to pay him again to pay for the referendum, says Daka.

The conversation ends with Kiceec saying that he will go to Zaev to tell him to continue the dealings with Daka himself.