Legally, SDSŠ needed 80 votes for Ivanov to sign unconstitutional language law


Article 75 of the Macedonian Constitution states that laws in Macedonia are promulgated with a decree. The decree can be signed by the President of the State and the President of the Assembly. If the Assembly reviews the law again and if it adopts a majority vote of the total number of Representatives, the President of the Republic is obliged to sign the decree.

The same article of the Constitution states that the president is obliged to sign the decree only if the law is adopted by a two-thirds majority of the votes of the total number of lawmakers. This, in the case of the Law on the Use of Languages, is not the case because this law was passed with 64 votes “for”, and not a two-thirds majority, which is 80 votes.

  • Stavre

    As an outside observer I can’t believe there’s even a debate at this minute/technical/legal level.

    This is a ridiculous law and a ridiculous government and, frankly, I’m shocked that Macedonians in Macedonia haven’t taken matters into their own hands, toppled this tyrannical regime and retaken their country. I think the time for words and analysis passed a long, long time ago.

    At this point, if the language law is implemented and Macedonians don’t react, then they deserve what they have and whatever comes next (e.g. change of name).

    As it stands, it looks like Macedonians are going to become one of (if not the) only nation in history to lose their country without any resistance whatsoever. Very sad.

  • Its Just Me

    The law was “passed” just as Dzaferi was “elected”… oh please forget about this nonsense

    • Mijak Papra


      • Its Just Me


  • Its Just Me

    “legally” hahaha..

  • Legenda Patriot

    It’s a total joke!