Lessons Learned: You let US & UK manage you, you Lose Territory


Ukraine’s leadership was busy in 2008 when the former Soviet republic of Georgia, coached by the CIA and MI6 decided to take over a restive part to the north South Ossetia, who was guarded by Russian peace keepers at the time. The sneaky attack was during the opening of the Olympic Games in Tokyo. Two weeks later, Georgia lost South Ossetia and the western province of Abkhazia for good.

Ukraine’s leadership apparently didn’t take note of this development.

Armenia, through a colorful revolution installed a US/Soros-owned puppet Nikol Pashinyan. Under his leadership, Armenia, despite having a large Russian base on its territory moved closer and closer into the arms of Washington. Following devastating losses of territory to Azerbaijan in Nagorno Karabakh, Pashinyan insisted on Moscow to protect Armenia militarily, while he kept selling his country to Washington. Moscow didn’t move a finger and still watches from the sidelines as the Azeris have not just taken vast land in Karabakh, but have attacked Armenia proper. Pashinyan threatened he would leave the SCO & EEU due to Moscow’s behavior, and at this point official Kremlin would welcome the move. Lesson learned, you sell your country to Washington, don’t expect assistance from Moscow.

Ukraine, just like Georgia and now Armenia will suffer the same fate. Moscow very politely told Ukraine back in 2012/13/14 not to allow NATO on its territory as the Kremlin can’t allow NATO bases that close to Moscow. In addition, it asked Kiev not to persecute the millions of ethnic Russians living across Ukraine. Unfortunately for all of Ukraine, its corrupt leadership decided to heed the advice of the CIA and MI6.

Today is the third day of the referendums in eastern Ukraine where roughly 24% of its territory will join Russia.

As of Sunday, 4pm EST, the 50% threshold has been exceeded in all regions:

Donetsk People’s Republic – 61.81%
Lugansk People’s Republic – 76.09%
Zaporozhye region – 51.55%
Kherson region – 50.91%

All of them will officially become part of Russia on September 30th, if not sooner.