Levica: It’s a monkey show, bankrupt Macedonia is financing American LNG in Greece


The left wing Levica party accused the clueless Kovacevski Government of planning to spend 750 million EUR for energy facilities not in Macedonia, but in Greece!! Kovacevski was in Alexandropoli earlier this week where he pledged that Macedonia will pay this sum for a tiny share of the planned US owned LNG port and natural gas plant.

The DUI-SDSM Government plans to spend 750 million EUR for plants that will not be owned by our state. On top of that, they will use far more expensive American liquefied natural gas, that costs way more than the Russian natural gas – this will make the economic situation in Macedonia even worse, if that’s possible. The cost of the natural gas plant is greatly overpriced – we will pay 1.9 million EUR per 1 MW of installed capacity, which is twice the realistic market price. A realistic price for our share of the investment would be 160 million EUR, but we will pay 380 million for a share of the plant, Levica said.

The party insists that the projects are only meant to satisfy American strategic interests in the Balkans and will be bad for all the countries involved.