Levica refuses DPNE’s call to unite: Apasiev rebuffs Mickovski and his quorum party


Will the leader of Levica accept the call for great unification of the opposition against SDSM and DUI? Is Dimitar Apasiev really ready to oppose Zoran Zaev with concrete moves – asked DPNE’s leader Hristijan Mickoski in an interview with Alfa TV.

All polls show that a united opposition will easily defeat the SDSM-DUI coalition. The DPNE leader said that they were in the final stage of talks with the Albanian opposition parties.

The DPNE, despite fervent attacks against Levica (would have been good if they had the same vigor against Zaev) realized that Levica has gained great deal of popularity in the past year.

However, the DPNE leader’s call for the opposition to unite, received a rather quick response from Dimitar Apasiev, the leader of Levica. It was not the response Mickoski wanted…

Mickovski on TV: “We extend our hand and unite the opposition with Levica”

Mickovski in reality:

  • Ban Levica for two years from appearing on Alfa TV.
  • Kurir, Republika, Netpres and other DPNE financed medium for months have been instructed to spread lies against Apasiev (Zaev’s poodle), under the directive of the White palace.
  • Mickovski and Zaev, made a deal tete-a-tete to legalize illegal buildings built on state land to help the urban mafia.
  • Mickovski kept his mouth shut in a bilingual Parliament (left two MPs alone to battle Xhaferi and DUI).
  • Accepts ethnicity in IDs, as if this is Rwanda.
  • He continually creates quorum for Zaev, the latest for the citizenship law for the kosovarization of Macedonia, all in an effort to please the Alliance nazi-fascists
  • Maliciously works jointly with SDS in changing the Electoral Law right before elections, all in an effort to make life much harder for Levica.

And now, when DPNE saw the polls, they see a win without Levica is not achievable. And so, looking at us, the kids, Mickovski thinks lets throw them a bone, soften them up a bit?

Look here, pal.

You have it all wrong, can’t see the real picture about us.

The political ratio of Levica is not to bring someone else to power!

Our political ratio is Levica to be in power – wrote Apasiev in his FB profile responding to DPNE leader Hristijan Mickovski.