Levica Warns of Planned Destruction of Children Resorts Across Macedonia


In the previous socialist system in the Republic of Macedonia, numerous children’s resorts were built both in the mountains and along the lakes. Apart from educational activities, they also served for socializing among students, sports activities and so on. It shows us the care for the youngest that the country has led, as a kind of investment in their own future, says the Levica party.

Since the beginning of privatization, the resorts have been declared a competitor to the private tourism sector, so they are purposefully being neglected and left to decay. Instead of being a place where children can spend their winter and summer holidays carefree, today, the children’s resorts of Golak, Visoka Cuka, Red Cross and many others are a complete ruin, with a destroyed exterior, demolished interior and crumbling walls. Although in the past years there have been numerous announcements from the Government of the Republic of Macedonia and the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy which owns them, for years they have not done anything for the children’s resorts and thus prove the continuous neglect of the youngest.

Levica accuses of planned destruction of children’s resorts in the country