Macedonia beats Algeria 24-20 at World’s


Algeria went up against Macedonia in the last game of the night,e but the 60 minutes appeared too much as a tireless Macedonian team, full of energy gradually wore the home side down.

In front of 10,000 home fans, Algeria kept the Macedonians at bay for two thirds of the match, but in the end, Macedonia overwhelmed the hosts, similarly to what it did to the Brazilians two days ago.

For majority of the game, the two sides were evenly matched, and the score was tied with both Macedonia and Algeria taking a one goal lead.
Despite Macedonia taking a two goal lead early in the match, Algeria ended the half with one goal lead 11-10.

The second half started similarly to the first, few minutes into it, the match was even at 15-15. However, Macedonia put the gas pedal down and via quick goals took a 16-19 lead. Algeria was unable to keep up with the tempo and went down 18-23 with a minute to go.

Macedonia cleverly brought the game to conclusion by slowing down, allowing the Algerians to score as the seconds ticked away for a final score of 20-24.

  • Haris Manou

    Fyro is a faux Macedonia.