Macedonia Disarms Itself by Donating SU-25 Jets and all Mi-24 Helicopters to Ukraine


Operation “disarming Macedonia” has come full circle.

After donating all of its tanks, Su-25 fighter jets and MI-18 and MI-24 Helicopters, the UCK-SDSM Government in Macedonia has ensured the country is completely disarmed. If in the past (think Kumanovo) terrorists from Kosovo were quickly defeated by dispatching Mi-24 helicopters, this will no longer be possible as all of Macedonia equipment has found its way to Ukraine, free of charge.

To run a comparison with a normal country, Slovakia gave Ukraine Mig 29 fighter jets, however Washington compensated Bratislava by giving them 12 brand new AH-1Z helicopters.

Macedonia disarmed itself completely and received absolutely nothing. In addition the UCK-SDSM Government obligated itself to purchase 8 new civilian helicopters from Washington’s Military Industrial Complex.