Macedonia doesn’t need a census – MoI Passport information shows 16% are albanians


No need to count the people in Macedonia, the information is readily available, always has been available in the Ministry of the Interior and can be obtained in seconds.

Macedonia’s MoI has the precise ethnic makeup of the country. When an ID or Passport is obtained, the first question an individual is asked is what is their ethnicity.

In 2002, a catastrophically fraudulent census was conducted by the current fascist party (SDS) and supported by their same partners today (USAid OTI) where the albanians went from roughly 11-12% to 25%. The head of the State Census Commission, an SDS official Zoran Krstevski countered his own party leadership and admitted the census was fraudulent and resigned from his position – at the time Krstevski stated “I can’t put my name behind this, I resign from my post“.

Keep in mind, MINA’s own police sources (from two different high ranking SDS police officials) stated that according to the number of IDs issued to ethnic Albanians in Macedonia as of 2018, they are less than 15%.
This will nullify all the absurd benefits they have gained based on a fraudulent census in 2002 that put them remarkably at precisely 25% of the population.

The report below is from 2017.

The 370,000 albanians is actually halved today as at least 150,000 of them have migrated outside of Macedonia, something analyst Arsim Zekoli admitted just few weeks ago, which explains DUI’s perpetual insanity of stuffing 70,000-100,000 votes in ballot boxes during any sort of vote.

The challenge today is with Zaev’s criminal junta who tries to inflate the numbers of albanians by illegally printing citizenships to albanians from Kosovo, while citizenship to ethnic Macedonians are not approved.

  • Legenda Patriot

    Stop the stupidity and the collective insult to the Macedonian population. Jail the fraudsters. Start with the clean up of all the criminals.

  • strav

    King phillip will be rolling in his grave for his countrymen not putting a few bullets into zaev the illegitimate puppet corrupt prime minister

  • vistina

    One of the idiots in charge of Census has commented that a future Census should not have a question for ethnicity. But some Albanians want the Ohrid Agreement added to constitution pre-amble. That agreement mentions language rights where there is 20% population. That can’t be measured if a future Census doesn’t count ethnicity. Why are they all hiding from a proper count? is it because they know the count is lower than 20%?