Macedonia easy over Liechtenstein in final qualifying match


Macedonia wraps up this year WC qualifying campaign on a positive note, beating Liechtenstein 4-0. What is more impressive is the final goal difference – 0.

In this WC qualifying campaign, Macedonia scored 15 and allowed 15 goals. In 2017, Macedonia has lost only 1 match, to Spain (1-2). It has won 4, draw 2, and lost 1, to be exact.

Clearly, the national team is on the uptick after plummeting on FIFA’s rankings to Atlantis like depths over the past 3 years. In 2016 Macedonia was ranked 161. However, thanks to the surge of good results, Macedonia will likely find itself ranked 83rd in the upcoming FIFA rank list set to be released on October 14th.

Against Liechtenstein, the coach opted for four attackers upfront. With goals by Musliu, Trajdkovski, Bardi and Ademi in the end, Macedonia proved a bit much for the small kingdom who was frankly lucky to have only lost 4-0. Pandev, Trajkovski, Bardi, Alioski… all missed quite good chances to add to the tally.

Ironically, Macedonia holds a European record against Liectenstein from 1996 where we won 1-11 during the 96′ European qualifying campaign.

If the 2017 results of the national team are seen as a trend, then we ought to expect better results and placement for the upcoming European qualifying draw which is set to begin in late 2018.