Macedonia honors St Cyril in Rome


A service of intercession was held Wednesday on the tomb of St. Cyril at the Basilica of Saint Clement as part of the event dubbed Macedonia Honoring Saint Cyril. The church service, served by Metropolitans Timotej and Pimen was attended by a Macedonian delegation led by Foreign Minister Nikola Poposki.

A service of intercession on St. Cyril’s tomb in Rome is being held every year on May 24 since 1969. This year marks the 1145th anniversary of the death of the ‘apostle of the Slavs’, St. Cyril.

The traditional cultural event that accompanies the honoring of Ss. Cyril and Methodius will include a performance by the Baklava ethno-group at the Ghione theater in Rome.

On Friday, Poposki will accompany President Gjorge Ivanov for an audience with Pope Francis, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said today in a press release.

Ss. Cyril and Methodius are credited with creating the Glagolitic alphabeth that was use to translate the Bible in the Old Slavonic language and spread in Central and Eastern Europe. Their work was essential to creating the Cyrillic alphabeth now in use throughout much of Eastern Europe and this earned them the title of Apostles to the Slavs an co-patron saints of Europe.