Macedonia is back in 1991 – child Spasovski thrilled about “boots donation”


In 1991, my older brother was the first recruit in the Macedonian Army. He was given a “knife” while serving in Bitola. They were told, there are no guns left, the Yugoslav  (Serbian) Army took everything including electrical outlets and door knobs when they left Macedonia.

The level of chaos was astonishing, even for Macedonia. My brother often came home “for dinner” as he said, without his supervisors knowing. After three months, he was sent to the Albanian border as a reward for his “exemplary behavior” where they were given antiquated guns and used boots. This was in 1991.

The police didn’t fare better, in fact, when the Army received used guns, so did they…

Twenty six years later, MoI Oliver Spasovski clapped his hands and was as giddy as a child can get when Slovakia’s Ambassador to Macedonia Martin Bezak announced a donation of 1,500 boots (750 pairs) to Macedonia’s policemen. Yes, Macedonia can’t afford boots for their policemen, so this is the sort of donation the SDS requested!?

Keep in mind, the SDS has spent 400m euros in the first three months, and no one knows where the money were spent as all projects announced by Zaev were in fact not just started by the previous government, but they are nearly completed!

What is next after the boots donation? Underwear?