Macedonia is missing its top saboteur: Deep State to replace US Ambassador Jess Baily


noun: terrorist; plural noun: terrorists
A person who uses unlawful violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political aims.

The official definition above was the description of Jess Baily’s job, the US Ambassador’s in Macedonia.

US President Donald Trump (the Deep State) has proposed Kate Marie Byrnes as the new ambassador to Macedonia who is due to replace current Ambassador Jess Baily who has become a synonym for sabotage and terrorism in the country.

The US Ambassador stay in Macedonia has been deeply marred due to his involvement in numerous scandals, among which are bribery and electoral fraud in the country, financing Soros Open Society networks and utilizing US taxpayers money to do so for which he is being investigated in the Senate. Early in his tenure, a terrorist attack in Kumanovo in which 8 policemen lost their lives was used as a catalyst for “regime change” in the country. Terrorists publicly asked to be released from prison because their “operation” was financed and approved by, you guessed it – putting the US Ambassador in the middle of it. Jess Baily also managed to put his name behind the  financing of protests and continuously subverting Macedonian democracy.

In addition, the US Ambassador acted as defacto Macedonia’s Prime Minister, approving and disproving any move both in Parliament and Government. Just recently, the US Ambassador was seen in Parliament taking part in the blackmail of Macedonian MPs to vote in favor of changing the Constitution, or face jail time.

This is Baily’s legacy, a legacy of a genocidal maniac that served in the role of a US Ambassador and the shadowy Prime Minister of Macedonia. More importantly this is the US legacy in Macedonia. And just like his predecessors, Baily too will be replaced by another pion of the Deep State/Soros run State Department.

The new pion

According to a statement from the White House, Kate Mary Burns is a career ambassador and comes from Athens where she served as Deputy Head of Mission at the US Embassy in Athens, Greece since September 2017. She’s been serving under Geoffrey Pyatt, the Deep State shill responsible for the installation of neo Nazis in Ukraine and Kiev’s loss of sovereignty.

Previously, Burns served as Deputy Head of Mission and Deputy Permanent Representative of the United States Mission to the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) in Vienna, Austria.

  • Wolf

    Same shit. Different smell.

  • Jole

    It’s what the anglo/zionist usa is all about, fukin liars. I thought that the current president appointed the ambassadors ?

    • Nik Petrovski

      he doesnt, but they can dismiss them… which is something Ivanov should have done years ago