Macedonia like the plague: 1000 citizens from a small town left country in 1 day


Unable to find work in Macedonia, 1000 residents from the town of Delcevo boarded more than a dozen buses and left the country.

Most of the people are leaving for Italy, some for Germany and elsewhere.

“I got two kids attending University, there is no work here, I am heading to Italy to do manual labor” says one of the residents, in an interview conducted by Infomax.

Although Macedonia has listed its population at 2.1 million, the more realistic number at the moment is no more than 1.4 million. Dozens of schools in the Macedonian capital have 60% reduction in the number of students. The most alarming situation is actually in eastern Macedonia, cities like Delcevo and Berovo where there are practically no students.

Егзодус во Делчево

Во еден ден 12 автобуси полни со луѓе заминаа за Италија на привремена работа.

Posted by on Wednesday, September 4, 2019