Macedonia opens border to transiting tourists, Macedonians trying to visit will end up in quarantine


The Macedonian Government ordered all border crossings to reopen today, but with serious caveats.

Foreign citizens can only enter the country for five hours. This largely is meant to allow tourists from the Balkans and Europe to get to Greece, along the A1 highway, while minimizing their exposure to Macedonia. Transit tourists are ordered to remain on the highways or the local roads leading to the border crossing where they plan to exit the country, and will be required to sign a statement declaring their intent to just transit through Macedonia. The statement will need to be delivered to the border agent at the exit crossing.

Government junta ensuring diaspora cannot return

Macedonian citizens returning to the country need to provide a negative coronavirus PCR test, no older than 72 hours, and will have to sign a statement of mandatory self-isolation at home for 14 days. Failure to provide the test will lead to a mandatory 14 days quarantine in a state provided facility. This also applies to foreign citizens who have residency permits in Macedonia and are coming with the intention to remain in the country.