Macedonia quickly turning into Moldova


The US&EU sponsored coup in Macedonia is done. Quisling government was put in charge with a prime minister currently under multiple criminal investigations and already convicted twice. Washington and Brussels were extra carefully in putting Nikola Dimitrov in charge of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the son of Bulgarian agent and former diplomat Dimitar Dimitrov who openly negates the existence of Macedonians!
Last, but not least, a terrorist Talat Xhaferi was put in charge as speaker of Parliament.

You can-not possibly have more anti-Macedonian government in place than this, even if you tried. Not that we’re daring the Deep State to replace Zoran Zaev with Edi Rama, although in our mind it’s essentially the same thing.

The counter balance to the treasonous Government here is president Ivanov who has already received quite a negative flak after giving Zaev the mandate. Keep in mind, Ivanov was left alone, did not have the support of VMRO-DPMNE to stop the coup.

Does this situation remind you of someone else? Welcome to Moldova. The situation there is identical to the one in Macedonia.
Fixed elections saw a US puppet Pavel Filip being inserted as the Prime Minister. As soon as he was put in charge, Moldova started with anti-Russian activities which resulted in the expulsion of Russian diplomats last week. Moldovan president Igor Dodon who was overwhelmingly elected by the people, protested the move by his Government as ridiculous and motivated by the West! Dodon, for his part wants strong ties with Russia and the West, the only problem is the US wants him to sever his ties with Moscow.

Precisely the same scenario is now unfolding in Macedonia. New Foreign Minister Nikola Dimitrov has made terrible faux pas in our relations with Serbia, and he’s been on the job for a day. According to Dimitrov, the friendliest of our neighbors, Serbia, is the problem in the region. Bulgaria and Greece are great! Everyone who disputes and is against our name and identity is great. Dimitrov’s main problem is with a Serbian operative being in Macedonian Parliament during the coup to observe the situation, but was not troubled by the dozen American and German operatives being there as well. Dimitrov has no issues with Albania and the Tirana platform either.

The man who spent 8 years taking in over 450,000 euros in salary from the Macedonian Government, now says the Government has been a nightmare. Everything was perfect for him until 2014 while he was still paid by Gruevski’s Government (4,000 euro salary, + 1000 for personal expenses, personal driver, + 500 for phone + 2000 for trips…). As soon as the coup started, got kicked out from VMRO-DPMNE and subsequently (officially) recruited by the Dutch and the State Department for higher pay, the Government became a nightmare for him.

Before becoming a Foreign Minister, Dimitrov insulted Austrian FM Sebastian Kurtz who is known as a great supporter of Macedonia. It is rumored our new FM is an avid fan of various opioid drugs, so this is what he wrote on his twitter account:

So this is the new norm for our “diplomats”?

Zaev, and particularly Dimitrov is tasked to do what the Moldovan Government is doing. Namely disrupt and severe ties with Russia, but in our case, in parallel he needs to create an atmosphere for changing the country’s name.

How will president Ivanov balance this act remains to be seen. It would certainly be different if he had the support of a major political party behind him, but at this time we can’t necessarily say that he does. Despite this, if the recent meeting of heads of state in Kranj is anything to go buy, where Ivanov sided with the Serbian president against Kosovo’s leader, then the political situation is eerily similar to that of Moldova.

  • LXV

    The dying Empire is a one-trick-pony, so, yeah, that is all the scripts they have. I don’t anticipate the expulsion of Russian diplomats, but Macedonia will surely jump on the Empire’s “Russian sanctions” bandwagon and will be openly hostile against our traditional allies, just so that the country becomes completely isolated and totally dependent on the “Umbrella’s” good will…

    • Palo Alto

      But Trump loves mother Russia!

  • Goran Stavreski

    Can Ivanov prevent anti Russian sanctions or are these introduced by the two dogs Zaev and Dimitrov?

    Anything that comes up as 2/3 majority in Parliament needs to be signed by Ivanov. I don’t know if that’s required for sanctions.