Macedonia quietly nominates corrupt Tetovo Mayor as Ambassador to US, but…


DUI’s corrupt Tetovo mayor Teuta Arifi does not seem to pass the filters of the US administration so that the government can nominate her as ambassador to Washington, MinaReport has learned from senior diplomatic sources.

Namely, our sources brief that after women beater Ljubomir Frckoski did not pass the filter to be Macedonia’s ambassador to Washington, the US administration has been silent for several months about the proposal of Teuta Arifi to be Macedonia’s new ambassador to Washington.

That is, even after a few months, there is no response to the consultation conducted in order for it to be proposed by the government of a new ambassador to Washington.

Arifi is tied to quite literally dozens of corruption scandals in Tetovo. Millions of euros are missing from city’s budget, Arifi has hired all relatives with max salaries, many of whom never showed up to work, while some lived in Germany and earned salary in Macedonia. It’s quite surprising Arifi is unable to pass American filters to be in Washington, she would fit in quite well.