Macedonia’s SEC commits Fraud in favor of Referendum, caught in the act


With two hours to go, only 25.9% of the eligible Macedonian voters have cast their votes in the Referendum, reported SEC at 5:48pm.

SEC Fraud

The SEC led by DPNE’s Derkovski has tough time reporting the results. Namely, the SEC publicly states 455771 votes have been cast thus far which is 25.23% of the electorate, yet on its website, wrongly puts 29% which then it translated to 521,189 votes. There is a gap of roughly 65,000 voters between what the SEC said verbally and what it shows online.

But here is the crazy thing. MINA’s Pero Stamatovski who is responsible for catching the SEC commit Fraud at least a dozen times over last elections, once again caught them in the act.

Namely, the SEC’s results on the actual website do not match with what it’s being presented. The simplest of math shows when you add all “official numbers” from all the polling stations, the number of total votes do NOT match to the number of votes shown by the SEC itself!

We took the official SEC data posted at 5pm, added the numbers from all 80 municipalities. The total number of votes cast is 501,515 which isĀ  27.8%, not 29.01% (or 521,189) as the SEC claims. We’re using the SEC data! Is the SEC telling us they’re not able to properly add numbers and came up with a 22,000 vote gap?

According to Pero Stamatovski who knows a thing or two about software and statistics… “There is no chance software can make such silly errors, these numbers, the summary appears to be tweaked at the SEC manually. The gap is sometimes 29,000, other times more, now it’s 22,000, clearly someone is screwing with the numbers as they see fit because the sum at all the polling stations do not correspond to the sum given by the SEC, which is ridiculous amateur level fraud” says Stamatovski.

Fraud by the SDSM and the SEC is always on the menu. Check for yourself.

At the moment, there is a massive ballot stuffing in Aracinovo, Saraj, Chair, Lipkovo where DUI and SDSM ‘govern’. Namely, the turnout at these smaller municipalities was catastrophic, hovering around 19-22%, however, in the last two hours it’s over 45%! And yes, all ethnicities in Macedonia boycotted the referendum.

Congratulations to Saraj for entering NATO where voter turnout went from 21% the entire day to 60% the last 45 minutes before the polls close!

The Referendum has already failed, this is a given, the ballot stuffing now is to save the political careers of the two GMO products, Zoran Zaev and Bujar Osmani.