Macedonia will give NATO 220m euros/year to defend it from NATO


Macedonia, if it’s unlucky to be swallowed by NATO (29 countries still need to ratify the agreement), is set to spend, or as the Donald puts it “pay” America’s Military Industrial Complex 220m euros, which is 2% of the country’s nearly $12 billion annual GDP.

Yes, the price tag for NATO’s membership is 220m euros/year. Thanks to this annual ‘protection’ racket whereby NATO is protecting us from NATO, Macedonians will be much poorer and instead of the country improving its healthcare and infrastructure, 220m euros will be simply thrown into the wind – every year.

Now, what makes Macedonia such a unique case is that NATO has been systematically destabilizing Macedonia both covertly and overtly for over 18 years.

Thus, Macedonia is the first country to be openly destabilized by NATO in 2001, and again in 2015 via military aggression, only later to be forced to undergo an etnocide via change of the country’s name itself- all in an effort for the alliance to expand its footprint in the Balkans and take in another paying member into its club of US vassal states that pillage the resources of “non-members”.

And since Macedonia always makes the news to be the first in everything (Taljat Xhaferi raised both his hands to count and elect himself as Parliament Speaker long before Guaido finished his training in the US), now for the first time NATO may have a member state that will pay racket to the military alliance to defend it from itself.

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    Fucken retards

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