Macedonian 8th grader denied award after winning High School Ed competition


Damjan Davkov, an eight grade student from Stip, was denied an award after he defeated the competition from high schoolers and won the first place at a competition organized by the Education Ministry.

Instead of being rewarded for his success, Davkov received a note from Education Minister Mila Carovska informing him that he is not eligible to receive the cash prize that was promised for the competition, since he is an elementary school student and the competition was meant to be won by a high school student.

This caused outrage on social media today, with numerous citizens congratulating Davkov and demanding that the Ministry rewards the winner, adding it’s not his fault that he is smarter than the high school students.

Elementary school student from Stip was denied his award after beating high school students in a math competition

And so, in this crazy, crazy land that we call Macedonia… a misguided ethnic albanian kid who sang songs about UCK terrorists was given a Governmental grant of 5,000 EUR, but a Macedonian math wizard couldn’t get 150 EUR.