Macedonian Boycott Movement schedules protest for November 18


The Macedonian public led by the Boycott movement has scheduled a protest against an unconstitutional and criminal Government junta’s attempt to change the name of the country despite the move being massively opposed by the Public via a failed referendum.

The opposition, surprising no one, will not take part in the protest. If the few couple of months have told us anything it’s that both the criminal Government and opposition (SDSDPNE) appear to be under the control of the same foreign meddlers (USA, EU & Soros) who have invested over $150m into the ‘name change’ effort since 2015.

Meanwhile, the US Embassy has financed the creation of at least half a dozen groups whose job is solely to sabotage any self-organizing by Macedonians, the same way they unsuccessfully tried for the Referendum.
For this purpose the US Embassy is funding:

  • Janko Bachev
  • Blokiram
  • Krizen Shtab
  • Filip Petrovski
  • Hristijansko Bratstvo

  • strav

    The zaev and his shiptari cronies must be shot and US embassy bombed! Who’s in charge of the army macedonians or shiptari? Get off your arse and get rid off these traitors! Da zive makedonija

  • Jole

    Strav, I’ve been saying this right from the beginning, get rid of these Fk-in cockroaches. They should have done the protesting right from the beginning why now, what’s it gonna do now. We have now become slaves to the eu/usa/uk/ & even to a point to the created kozi all thanks to those Macedonians who would even sell their own mother for a euro. The smart one’s should have approached our fellow Russian Christian brothers for their help, no we kiss the anglo/zionists asses, wait when the shit starts flying they are going to be the first ones to stick their tails between their legs and run.

    • Legenda Patriot

      Couldn’t agree more.