Macedonian Bus crashes in Bulgaria, 46 people perish


The scene can’t be described, says one of the first to arrive at the scene of the bus accident, Vasko Pirgov from the regional administration of Pernik.

He was awakened early in the morning and sent to the scene of the accident. The police and the fire service were already there.

I think the driver is to blame. The front right tire hit a road sign that was thrown 45 meters away. He knocked down a dozen pillars, that’s how the front tire was torn. Hence the tragedy becomes irreversible. There is a fuel spill, Pirgov explained.

According to him, when he left the place, coming out on the Struma highway, he stopped at a gas station. It turns out that the bus stopped for a toilet there.

Eyewitness: Bus driver made a mistake on the road, made a sudden turn of the steering wheel, hit the road sign with the front tire and that’s how the tragedy happened

We exclude the possibility that the driver was asleep. It takes about 20 minutes to get from the gas station to the place of the accident. I guess he made a mistake on the road, made a sudden turn of the steering wheel, hit the road sign with the front tire and that is where the tragedy happened. The bus caught fire from the front. Those behind broke the rear window and fled, Pirgov explained.

MINA finds the bus was full of fuel containers that the driver has purchased in Turkey because it was cheaper. It’s the reason why the bus was engulfed and prevented most people from exiting.

This is not the first tragedy involving Macedonian buses. Two years ago, a bus transiting in Tetovo whose company belonged to a DUI official crashed, taking 15 lives. No one was held accountable. Two months ago, 14 people burned alive in Tetovo, only there an extension court was blamed, not the unsafe and illegally built modular hospital.

Howver, it’s not all bad for Zaev. He sees the bus accident as a positive development…