Macedonian Bus operated Without a License – smuggled Oil and Fireworks while transporting children


Macedonia corrupt Ministry of Transport has confirmed that the bus which transported 52 passengers had been operating without an actual license to transport passengers. The remarkable fact is that the Ministry reported on this as if it’s perfectly normal – “BESA Trans who transported passengers across multiple countries, don’t have the licenses to do such business since 2018”.

MINA finds, the real reason why BESA Trans doesn’t have a license to operate since 2018 is because they had to pay and maintain their previous license which expired in 2018, however with DUI and SDSM in power, instead of paying for a license, you can simply bribe DUI and SDSM officials and operate without one.

This sector is managed by DUI’s Rufat Huseini

But this isn’t the only insane thing. The bus, per Bulgarian news BGNES was full of fireworks (30,000+ fireworks pieces), and in addition had a secret compartment installed to smuggle an extra 1 ton of diesel fuel. Bulgarian media says this is the reason why the bus was engulfed with fire and burned with such ferocity.

MINA finds, BESA Trans whose owner is close friends with multiple DUI officials, used children as a cover for the operation to smuggle diesel fuel and fireworks which are then resold on the Macedonian market for The New Year celebration. And if you think there will be some sort of responsibility or accountability about this travesty, think again.