Macedonian census numbers rejected as Fraudulent and Laughable


The fiasco called “Macedonian census” ended up indeed being a major waste of state funds. The nonsensical result contradict all state institutions, including the State Statistical Office and the Ministry of Interior.

The census operation started off with the Macedonian diaspora inserting their information into a ‘census application’ built and hosted in Sofia, Bulgaria. The application was marred with huge security flaws, including the fact that anyone could submit their name well over a 100 times, while putting 0s for their unique ID number. No documents of any kind were required in the process. The citizenry was told only people outside Macedonia could access the application, however quickly became evident that thousands of people within Macedonia accessed the application with free VPNs, many filmed themselves doing it.

Once the fraud became evident and was mocked country-wide, the census application was then taken offline. The SSO Director Apostol Simovski admitted things were not going well“, however was convinced to keep the census operation going thanks to 8,000 euro ‘bonuses’ given to him by the Zaev Government.

Fraudulent Census Numbers

The census result greatly contradicts the SSO and MoI. According to both, there are 2.5m Macedonian citizenships issued. According to the SSO there are 1.85m voters in the country. However, the census result showed there are 1.83m total residents in the country, and no children. There are less people than voters?!? The absurdity doesn’t end there. The Ministry of Interior puts the number of ethnic Albanian IDs issued at 15.2% of the population. The census puts them at 24.7% while it lowered the Macedonians to 59%. The Macedonian diaspora is erased. In Australia, there are over 140,000 Macedonians, however, in the census the number stood at 3,800?

How about this? Kichevo census population: 39,669!! Kichevo registered voters: 50,702!!! If there are 50.7k registered voters, there would be at least 62,000+ population in the census, counting the children. The level of fraud is exponentiated by the fact the US & UK Embassies were the first to “congratulate”.

The SSO Director admitted that if over 100,000 people refuse to register or boycott the census, then the census has failed. Officially, over 132,000 Macedonians boycotted the census. Unofficially, this number is well over 300,000, de facto resulting in an officially failed operation. The author of this text is one of those Macedonians who boycotted the fraudulent census. Not a single member of my extended family was registered! In fact, entire city suburbs refused to be counted. Though it must be noted that no census worker actually appeared on my street.


Our favorite part of the census is the populace being split into “Christians” “Catholics”, “Orthodox”… You can’t be a Christian Orthodox, you can be either or.

The best, the SSO Director Apostol Simovski could do today is claim that the census was “incomplete”. No, Simovski, it is fraudulent, and you should be jailed!

Lastly, most readers do not realize that Apostol Simovski, representing the SDSM, was heavily involved in the first fabricated census back in 2002.