Macedonian Chamber of Commerce adds itself to list of blackmailed organizations by US installed SPO


Daniela Arsovska, President of the Macedonian Association of Chambers of Commerce (SSK), informed the public that businessmen who are SSK members were exposed to blackmail and racketeering, as part of the broadening scandal which pushed US sponsored Special Prosecutor Katica Janeva to resign.

Arsovska called on the judiciary to investigate the scandal and not to allow businessmen to face extortion. Janeva is suspected of using her position which allowed her to take anybody to court based on flaky and inadmissable evidence, but also her close relationship with the Zaev regime, to extort millions from businessmen by threatening them with prosecution.

There are cases of extortion which are already reported. We are not investigators, nor can we prosecute these things, but we need to protect our members. There is more than one reported case, and we will do all in our power to protect our members and make sure this doesn’t happen again, Arsovska said.

She would not give up the name of the companies which were affected.

A speedy resolution to the case would bring at least some trust into the rule of law, because without protection of property rights, if we don’t care about those who invest amd create jobs, we will get nowhere, Arsovska added.

  • Liberty

    What a mess, when will it end. I can’t believe what I read. Nobody does a thing.A plane spiraling out of control. How in the world is this government still in power. This is tyranny at its finest. I’ve never in my life thought it could get worse, but it does. There isn’t an ounce of moral or ethical leadership in the entire country. It has been completely overrun by thugs. Even the street thugs have more honor among thieves!

  • Legenda Patriot

    It is just utter filth. This is the result of stinking corrupt parasites that forcibly put themselves into power. They have totally trashed our Macedonia. How many of millions of Euros have been stashed away by these bastards while the country is destroyed? We can only pray for justice and a swift end to these disgusting miserable excuses for humans. The people must stand up and storm Parliament. The firing squad would be too kind for these bastards!

  • Tony

    Yes what a fucking Mess