Macedonian citizens can’t obtain passports, IDs…


In addition to the problems with issuing passports, nowadays citizens also encounter chaos in the Registry Office. Due to the refurbishment of the facility, there is currently only one desk working in the hallway where countless citizens are waiting for all kinds of documents and certificates.

Outraged and anxious – citizens complain about the chaos and wait for days and months to get any paperwork they need. But even when they do get the document they need, citizen testimonies say that there is likely to be some mistake in the document. They complained about the poor performance of the employees. And that’s not all. They are stunned to see that they have slashes in their citizenship graph. “Are we slashes?!” they react.

The angered citizens say that “absolutely nothing in this damned country works”.

There are no passports, no IDs, you have to wait hours to get a birth certificate… this is chaos, says a citizen who is still waiting for his birth certificate today.

As a reminder, the Registry Office was renovated last year and there was real chaos, so the question is why the same facility is being renovated yet again only a year later?